A journey into the world of wind and heights: Paragliding

04.07.2018 at 12:04

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In "Extreme Sport Club" there is a bigger number of interested and active members every year. That’s why they started a spring course and paragliding training last year, in addition to their fall course. They are organizing a precise- landing competition at Bjelašnica, and their plan is to organize a cross country competition. In September 2017, members of this club achieved a remarkable result in cross-country paragliding, crossing the terrain from Romanija mountain, above Mokro, across eastern Bosnia towards Višegrad, up to Zlatibor in Serbia. Mirvad Zenuni crossed 100.2 kilometers, landing at Zlatibor, Adnan Pezo 62.5, landing at Višegrad, and Jasmin Zajko 26.3 kilometers, landing at Hrenovica. Our guide through the world of heights and wind is one of the most famous instructor of the Club, Bosnian recorder and paragliding pioneer Mirvad Zenuni.


Paragliding is a beautiful sport that is steadily increasing both in the world and in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Thanks to the selfless efforts of Extreme Sports Club and the energy that its investing in this sport by organizing competitions and flight schools, this sport has seen a great expansion in recent years. The club has a large number of pilots and is one of the biggest clubs, not only in the Balkans but much wider.


There is always need to work on improving the retreats and landing sites, as 90% of the accidents occure on take off and landing, but the Club has no support from local authorities and institutions or from the tourist community, and takes all costs for landscaping.


Due to its geographic configuration and weather, BiH has the ideal conditions for cross country flights and other paragliding disciplines. In addition to Bjelasnica, pilots of Sarajevo are honored by many other natural resources, because in a very short time you can come from the city center to takeoff sites, which are located on the slopes of Trebevic, Barice, Igman, Jahorina, Romanija, etc. Areas around Sarajevo offer very exciting conditions that are a combination of alpine flying and flying in the plains. Other and more than good flight locations are in Ljubusko, Trebinje, Bihac and Cazin, Mrkonjic Grad, Tuzla, Zenica, etc.


The mildest terrain can be dangerous if the pilot is not experienced and decides not to follow the rules of the flight, whic are: if the pilot is flying in bad weather conditions, if he is not ready for the specific conditions ( like strong wind), if he flies with inappropriate equipment, damaged equipment, or if he is flying on terrains that local pilots are avoiding...


When it comes to a tandem flight, it's enough to dress as if you are hiking or walking on the mountains.


If you decide on paragliding, first find a certified instructor and a school center. The Extreme Sport Club from Sarajevo has been working on paragliding trainings very successfully for many years.

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