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The Extreme Sports Club Scorpio: www.scorpio.ba and https://www.facebook.com/clubscorpio/  has been active since 1996 in the field of adventure tourism, sport and nature education, promotion and development of tourist structures. The activities range from hiking to rock climbing, ski touring, canyoning, MTB. Its mission is to promote sustainable tourism to Bosnia and Herzegovina and propose it as a tourist destination. It also promotes the awareness about nature amongst the young generations and their education through sports. Its centre in Smetovi is the ideal place for this.


BIH nature is precious, it is a great richness. As users of this nature we need to leave it intact, „bringing home only memories“ (and pictures of course)… It is our common richness, we need to be very careful to make sure it will last for the future generations.

Capacities/ Challenges

All  activities have different capacities. Rock climbing areas and Adrenaline parks are equipped based on specific safety standards and they require the use of special certified equipment, which is not difficult to find or rent on the spot. Mountains like Crvrsnica or Prenj could definitely be better advertised on the local and international media and better protected from illegal logging. More structures like roads and huts would also be welcome.


There are a few destinations, depending of course on the activity that you want to do there.

Ski touring is an increseasingly popular sport in BIH, with some top destinations which promise adventure and fun. It is skiing away from ski resorts, like real hiking in the snow. Three destinations we would like to choose: Visocica both from Sarajevo and Konjic side, with its peaks Vito, Subar and Dzamija, excellent descents and relatively easy access with amazing views around. Prenj: the Bosnian Himalaya. Severe environment, beutiful peaks, great descents especially in the Sivadija area, with some challenging trips to Zelena Glava, Otis, Veliki Osobac for the most experienced.  Cvrsnica: its northern face has very good snow coverage, lasting until May. Starting from Boricevac, you have a choise of 4 separate valleys to climb up and enjoy this amazing mountain.

Rock climbing is another increasingly popular sport. In Bosnia a large number of climbing destinations have been recently equipped. From our point of view, we can focus in Herzegovina, with two areas: Blagaj: Besides the unique cultural centre, it has become an amazing climbing site with numerous routes on very good limestone and an excellent Via Ferrata through the whole climbig. Our favorite destination there is the „Rebro“ sector. Dreznica, our little jewel on the Drezanka river, with ideal camping place and almost 100 routes of all difficulties in the surrounding area.

Canyoning means descending narrow canyons by abseiling or by small boats… it is done mostly during the summer and the top destinations in Bosnia are:

  • Rakitnica canyon, the most spectacular canyon, with trips of easy and hard difficulty, an amazing canyon in a world of limestone and water
  • Bijela canyon, a secret place near Mostar, almost a mix between a canyon and a cave
  • Ljuta canyon, a new area on Visocica mountain, similar to Rakitnica, but calmer and easier to descend, which ends in the Neretva

Adrenaline parks are also becoming very popular in Bosnia and Herzegovina. These are mostly composed of different obstacles on the trees which people need to cross, zip lines and they often include also some artificial climbing wall. They are usually placed in outdoor areas, so that people can enjoy the life in the nature, for us the top are:

  • Scorpio Centre in Smetovi, our place, created for our families, friends and guests, with the highest outdoor climbing wall in BIH, a zip line, MTB trail, adrenaline park, camping, hiking, mushroom picking…
  • Level Up center on Trebevic mountain, with a zip line, adrenaline park, archery, a climbing wall and made richer by the spectacular Via Ferrrata on Trebevic and of course by the new cable car connecting Sarajevo to Trebevic.

 The most dangerous trails / trails for the bravest

All destinations are dangerous, if people are unprepared, don't have the right guide or have the wrong equipment. Clearly adrenaline parks are those where you are the closest to the „civilisation“, therefore there is always a way out, but even there, incidents can happen if people are not focussed or unserious about these activities.


Each activitiy requires a specific equipment, but once you commit to it, it is easy to find what is necessary. Two rules: trust the experts and safety first. Experts can tell you how equipment can react under which conditions. Improvisation can be dangerous on Bosnian mountains, which are of difficult access and where the weather can become very severe.


Don't go unprepared….Prepare yourself in advance, consult experts and wherever necessary take a guide: ski touring, via ferrata, canyoning are all activities where a guide is necessary, given the remote access and the unpredictable areas.

Contact: www.scorpio.ba i https://www.facebook.com/clubscorpio/ ,

Events: At the end of June, there is a traditional two-day climbing gathering at the climbing centre in Dreznica. It is the „Memorial Mirza Humo“, in honor of one of their climbing partners who died in Mostar in 1993. It is a way Scorpio celebrates friendship and climbing as the summer starts in Herzegovina.


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