Rural (avan)tourism: Umoljani village, Bjelašnica

23.03.2020 at 11:04

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Ethno or rural tourism is increasingly popular in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and there are more and more places where domestic and foreign tourists enjoy natural beauties, clean air, rural culture and local specialties. But f we opted for a completely different one- the one in which the dragon turned into stone!

The legend says that the dragon came from the depths of the Rakitnica canyon, intending to feed on cattle of villagers from Bjelasnica once again. After crossing between the Obalj and Orlovac peeks, its tail left a trace in the valley. This is a short story about how the unreal flows of the Studeni stream in Bjelašnica appeared. This is really a breathtaking scene - a stream that runs down the valley like a snake.

But the story of the dragon does not end there. Villagers were tired fromt the daily terror of the dragon, which started to eat people too. The villagers took shelter on a Pošiljak hill and hodza began to pray that dragon disappears. Prayer has been successful, a dragon has been petrified in the rock.

Because the villagers prayed for the disappearance of the dragon, the village was named Umoljani (umolili- prayed).

This is the complete legend that tourists and mountain guides love to talk to visitors who come to visit this interesting mountain village in Bjelašnica.

Umoljani are located at 1,353 meters above sea level in the field of so-called Zabjelašnica which is, in fact, a plateau situated in the triangle Bjelasnica, Treskavica and Visocica mountains.

In this vast area are the villages of Lukavac, Milišići, Kramari, Brda, Šabići, Rakitnica, Bobovica, Ozimina, Pervizi, Sinanovići and a little further away Lukomir and Čuhovići. Lukomir is special because it is at the highest altitude, at 1,472 meters, and Umoljani because they have the largest number of inhabitants of the listed villages. All these villages, especially Umoljani and Lukomir, were known as an isolated and remote area before the war, especially in winter, when members of Mountain Rescue Service brought food and meals in the village. By building roads, electricity, water ...they have become open to great tourist tours.

Tourists have a lot to see - a touch of old times and mountain life, beautiful landscapes and interesting material monuments.

In addition to the legend of the name of the village, it is interesting to mention the story about the mosque in Umoljani, whose minaret is made of metal to withstand all weather conditions. The mosque is the only building that has not been demolished in recent war, and many legends are scattered around it. Locals say it was built on one of the tombstones.

This is not impossible because there is a small tombstone necropolis on the way to Umoljani, and on the hillside there are wooden watermills. This is an inevitable place for all tourists.

Apart from the listed attractions, all visitors have the opportunity to visit the Gradina village, which is located near Umoljani and on the way to Studeni potok. There are also hiking tours to the Observatory 2.067 meters above sea level, Krvavac 2.062 meters, Vlahinja 2.005 meters, Obalj 1.896 meters, Lovnica 1.856 meters and Visočica at 1.960 meters.

 Particularly attractive tour is through the Rakitnica canyon to Lukomir. In the village you can see the folk costumes, buy a pair of authentic knitted socks and try the local specialties.

umoljani bosna i hercegovina

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