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18.12.2017 at 10:02

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Do you remember how New Year was planned in the past? Booked a few months in advance, and special attention was paid  to the wardrobe, and in stores there were a lot of wars for fine clothes. 

And all that so in the New Year's night you shine in the most beautiful light, though you never wore that freshly-bought suit or dress again?! In the past, people have rejoiced in life, not only in our country, but everywhere in the world. A time of crisis, wars and lack of money have made things different. The humble people now cover with what they have and not think of the former glamor, extravagance and expectations of New Year's Eve. Either way, in Advent time we are all gentle. Thousands of Slavs have traveled to the capital for the past few days to touch the Advent atmosphere in Zagreb. They drink wine, eat sausages and Christmas cakes ... On the other hand, other cities, realizing the good spirit of Zagreb, organized their events and cheered their fellow citizens and guests. Regardless of those attempts that may be fruitful - there are still numerous tourist trips to Budapest or Vienna to enjoy cinnamon and boiled wine there, and perhaps even shop cheaply,  clothing, a small gift for family, relatives and friends. Prices are also favorable, a few hundred kunas are a real steal even if you do not know how to spend them smart. Traveling is always a cost-effective investment that expands the scope and enriches life.


Fair on the Red Square

December is generally charming and everywhere in the world it radiates joy. Far away in Beijing, many years ago, every day in the store, I heard the same song. You guessed it, "Jingle bells ...". Although the phlegmatic Chinese (who will have the year of dog in 2018), did not generally understand the meaning of the song in which everything was ringing, but because of tourists were forced to listen to it, wearing Santa Claus hat? Those were unforgettable scenes of life. They know that in this time of year sales are extremely growing, which means that silly cap on his head and boring song in the English language is ok when it comes to making more money? And Russia has already turned Red Square into a major fair and ice rink at the beginning of December, although their official Christmas is celebrated on January 7th. There is no ice skating rink on our Ban Jelacic Square, but there are candles. So Russians are buying a traditional sparkling wine Sovetskoe Igristoe, a little more expensive vodka, mandarin, caviar and soured salmon. Although there is no money, at least in December people find some. Life anywhere is no longer great, but  at least in this most beautiful time of the year people are feeling a little joy, serenity, eating fine food, get together more with friends and family. So where to spend the New Year's eve? Many people after Christmas travel across the region or Europe. Therefore they will welcome 2018 in the mountains by skiing in Austria, Italy, Slovakia, and more and more in Ukraine, which opens the world to more and more affordable prices.


Readdy for cabbage rolls!

Apart from those who like skiing and snow, there are plenty of people who enjoy the sunny beaches of Asia or the Mediterranean. For all those who plan to travel in such areas, it is really time to buy cheap tickets. The Wizz Air company from is selling extremley cheap tickets from Budapest to Malta or Cyprus in January, and excellent prices for June and the end of 2018 were also offered by Turkish Airlines, also from Budapest, to Thailand (Phuket), Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur ), Manila (Philippines) and Jakarta (Indonesia). The prices are great and are about 270 euros for the return ticket, so if you're ready for new travels, now is the time to buy tickets.

And to return to our famous wintertime travels. As far as tariffs are concerned, there is no problem to go over a border with larger quantities of cabbage rolls, one hundred pieces, for example. There is nothing on this at the Ministry of Finance web site. I looked at the price list of one of the Austrian winter centers and I was shocked at high prices. An average Croatian family hardly can afford such a luxury in restaurants, so I see no reason not to take  roast and cabbage rolls on your travels with you. Although many years ago we laughed  at the inhabitants of Czechoslovakia for bringing their pates and tourist salami on vacation with them,  it is time for us to carry our food for winter and summer holidays. I do not see anything bad about this, although we should certainly try local products as well, anything that our finances let us - better to travel than anything else. And then: Ready for cabbage rolls!


Bhputovanja.ba thanks to Slobodan Kadić and Glas Slavonije for the article.

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