Refund? Better something than nothing!

05.02.2018 at 09:32

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The worst happened! You've booked a flight to Spain and accommodation in a fairly expensive hotel via online travel agency. A few days before departure you got sick, or broke your leg and it is almost certain that you will not be able to travel.

As you spent a small fortune on the plane ticket and your accommodation, you are probably wondering if there is a possibility that these costs, or at least a part of them - come back! One thing is certain, if you have not pre-purchased insurance or a ticket that allows changes to the reservation or cancellation of travel free of charge, this will be extremely demanding and complicated process with an uncertain ending. But there is always hope that the best will happen to you - a full refund, or at least partial refund for hotel and air ticket. And what now? You don't need to ever lose hope, that's my first advice, an attempt to return your money is free, and believe it or not - some airline sometimes have a soul.  It happened that I had to cancel my trip for serious reasons several times.

Cancellation fee

Correspondence with agencies and agents sometimes lasted for months, almost until my recovery, but in most cases I succeeded in my intention, so I got back at least part of the money, or got approved a free change of reservation on other dates. Nothing is impossible, it just takes time.

Legally speaking, travel agencies are not obliged by law to make a refund for the reservation if for any reason you cancel the trip. Certainly, before reservation you have to read those fine fonts where all the most important things are written.  In some cases, travelers pay a cancellation fee, it all depends on how much time is left before the start of the arrangement. It happened to me, especially at the English internet agencies, that I have to pay only the cancellation of the hotel (around 30 euros) and the rest of my money would be back on my credit cart after aboutten days , which is not so bad in the end. Of course, it is necessary to include the reason for cancellation, and it is best to compose a heartbreaking letter with medical certificates of diseases that can be scanned or photographed by mobile phone. Similar situation is with airline companies. If the traveler has a cheaper ticket, and that is the most common form of ticket, we can get an incredible sum of zero money for its cancellation! However, if you are really sick (fractures, severe illness, surgery ...), attach medical evidence, you do not have to translate themto English, and write a short letter in one of the world's languages with the request to cancel the reservation and return of the money, because you need it for further treatment, and say that you will fly the company again in the future ...

I believe that you will not lack creativity, so there is a great chance that your request will be aaccepted. Be prepared for a negative response, however, so don't look forward before you recieve the answer.

Do not lose hope

Low-cost airline Wizzair will likely offer a refund of 50 percent of the amount in the Wizzair account in the case of a justified case of passengers who can't travel for medical reasons -  which  can be used later to buy new tickets. Some airlines will just write that they are sorry that you can not fly on their flight, and wish you a successful recovery, and some will give you a voucher to buy a new ticket, or 5000 prize miles to your FF account to collect prize mile as a sign of attention. You can easily find the e-mail on their official site, and if they do not respond within a few days, repeat the query. If you do not get an answer again, call them by phone. Of course, do'nt lose hope because it is your money, and if your health does not allow  much stress and nervousness, ask a person of the confidence to do it on your behalf, so you don't  pass the deadline, because everything in the hotel and aerospace industry has its deadlines. Travel insurance in such cases would be good, but if you didn't arrange it, then there is nothing left than to be persistent. And if your travel agency, hotel or airline offers you something in return, do not forget: Better something than nothing!


Bhputovanja.ba thanks Slobodan Kadić and Glas Slavonije for the article.

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