Slobodan Kadić: Traveling alone or with friends?

29.05.2020 at 10:25

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New countries ahead of you, a new passport is ready and you've saved the money! One of the biggest decisions a traveler has to make before traveling is whether to travel alone or with friends. Before the final decision, one must certainly consider the facts for and against such a journey. Recently in Malaysia, I met two German ladies traveling together for several months to Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and the Philippines. For curiosity sake, I asked them how they manage to travel together, they must be very good friends ?! One of them told me that before the expedition through Asia they considered whether they could stand being together for so long, and at the same time they  "expelled" another friend out of the game who would not fit in, because- they are good friends and know her very well. There can not be someone in Asia who is bothered by  dirt on the street, who is always concerned, and who can not eat strange food and drink more strange drinks. Smart, I thought. And I think it's all right. I was also in a position to call other people on some trips, but I refused.

Solo travel

There were some trips that I went on with my friends and everything was great. In fact, it all depends on the person, so I advise you to think twice. Or triple. Especially when it comes to a challenging journey that will make you realize how little you really need to live normally ... water, simple food, clean bed and safety.

Why do I recommend solo traveling? It does not really mean you're traveling alone! At each destination you always meet someone and travel with them at least a part of the route, either in a bus from Vietnam to Cambodia or a slow Indian train on the cargo roof. If you are social enough, and there is no reason not to be, you will always get to know someone, add them on Facebook, and that may even be in a cafe bar, or in some strange outing and restaurant. With some new people, you may also share a hostel room because it will be cheaper, but talking to them and the customs in their countries will be an invaluable inspiration that will help you expand your horizons in the future. After each trip, you come back smarter, better, safer and more responsive to all the new challenges that arise in your everyday life. Even the shyest travelers, when traveling long few weeks finding companions, and many random friendships become eternal. Just think of how many people are in your life  by chance, and a friend for many years. One of the reasons why I travel is that I'm  better acquainted with myself, find out what I like and what  I want to do, and how I react to sudden situations. These situations can be a closed hotel you've paid a few months in advance, flight delay, sudden rash from unhealthy food... When you are alone, the time you will devote yourself, you want to photograph, read and study the country where you are right now. As you travel alone, no one will bother you while you notice the little things you would otherwise miss in the company. In many countries, local people are dying to meet foreigners and have a drink or a cup of coffee with them. So they can finally train  English language that they learned for a long time at school and never talked actively! And then you can come back to Croatia with a full address book and a cell phone full of beautiful photos and memories.

And traveling with friends is good. We are all different and each one of us works differently, so our long-time friend can help minimize cultural shock, medical security (if anything happens to you - they are always with you) and it's cheaper to share the price of the expensive room.


Our friends are a great moral support, so think twice. And finally, many friendships ended with just one trip! Together for twenty-four hours, it has put together many friendships to the test. Once the decision has been made, nothing works without a great deal of compromise. The fact that you are goind with some good friends does not mean that you will work well on travel, but keep the following guidelines. Whenever you travel with someone, you should always take time for yourself for a while, maybe in the morning or afternoon, it will certainly help. And do not forget to choose someone who is in the same financial situation like you for your companion. Or even better, arrange your budget earlier so you can eat at the same restaurants and stay at the same hotels without any financial "discrimination". And now it's time to  decide whether you are traveling alone, or with someone? And without fake modesty, both of the answers are probably correct!


Bhputovanja.ba thanks Slobodan Kadić i Glas Slavonije for the article.

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