Berlin-from a divided city to a European symbol of united cultures

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Berlin is a city with a very rich culture, history and diversity that makes its visitors fascinated. When walking through the streets of this city you will see many different types of people, with a very unusual style and from different cultures, who have the complete freedom to walk the streets exactly as they feel and want, without fear of not being accepted by society. That's one of the interesting things in Berlin - everything is acceptable. Although some will say that this is not always a positive thing, it is precisely what makes Berlin special and different from other European cities and what attracts a large number of young people. Given its history and division, it is quite fascinating that, 30 years after its unification, the image of the unity and common life of so many different people and cultures stands out in Berlin.

If you decide to visit Berlin- young, old, single, with your family or with any kind of background, you will surely find something that interests you or even much more than you are interested in. Below are some of the things you might want to visit in Berlin.


Parks - over 2500 thousand green spaces in Berlin!

If you decide to visit Berlin when the weather is warmer, that is a very good decision. In spring, summer and in fact every day when the weather is good and the temperature is right, Berlin's parks are crowded with people who enjoy various activities, resting, picnicking and having fun. Spending time in parks is simply part of Berlin's life culture. The great thing is that you will have no problems choosing a park, as there are around 2500 thousand and each is beautiful in its own way. Some of the most famous and visited are Mauerpark, Treptower park, Tiergarten park, Görlitzer park and many many more. In some of the parks, such as Mauerpark, street markets are held on Sundays and various street performers gather.





Alexanderplatz or "Alex" as people in Berlin like to call it,  it's the main large square in central Mitte and is said to be one of the most visited places in Berlin. Here is the main symbol of Berlin, a television tower open to visitors and you can climb on top of it and see a beautiful view of the city. Also, this place is great for people who love shopping, since there is a large number of shops and department stores.





Potsdamer platz

The Potsdamer Platz is a large square in the center of Berlin. This square stands out for its architectural wonders,  like the Sony dome-shaped  building. Various events such as winter fairs are also held here. Nearby are very interesting museums such as the Museum of Espionage and the Dali Museum.





Museum Island

The Museum Island is located in the heart of Berlin and houses 5 different museums that you can enter with one ticket. The concept of this museum complex is itself a legendary work of art, and the content in the museums is stunning. In one of the museums, there is a bust of Nefertiti. The Museum Island is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.




Molecule man sculpture

This sculpture was designed by American architect Jonathan Borofsky as part of his series of aluminum sculptures that he has set up around the world. It is certainly a monumental work of art composed of three people leaning toward one another, symbolizing the unification of human beings and the common creation. The sculpture is located on the Spree River and you can see it from different places, but it is best seen along the river banks next to Treptower Park.




In addition to the many attractions in Berlin, one of the most recognizable is nightlife and quaint clubs. It is considered a capital city  in Europe for partying and anyone who visits it truly sees the claim as true. The most popular clubs are playing electronic music, and anyone who is a fan of the genre will simply not know where to go when choosing a club. What is characteristic is their strict selection of people who can enter the club. Specifically, when you try to enter, you will be analyzed by a club bouncer and evaluated if you can enter in. This can be frustrating, especially if you have waited a few hours to get into the club, which often happens there, but the wait is really worth it because what you will see in Berlin clubs can really only exist there. Some of the most famous and visited clubs are Berghain,: // about blank, Tresor, Kit-Kat, Watergate, Sisyphos and many others.

File:Berghain - Panorama Bar 2017.jpg




(Photography: A.E)

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