During the Advent, Zagreb is the heart of Europe

08.01.2020 at 13:47

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This festive event, held annually in Zagreb and declared the best Christmas market in Europe for three years in a row, has successfully completed this year's edition.

For a month and a half, the capital of Croatia was a center of cultural and entertainment events with lots of content and events in the center as well as outside the city of Zagreb. This year, the Advent was organized in 16 different locations and the two main themes were the Nutcracker and Croatian Heritage, so there were sculptures of the Nutcracker throughout the whole city.

Our team visited Zagreb this year and felt a small part of the Advent atmosphere that reigned. There was a real holiday spirit, the streets were full of smiling faces of all ages and from different parts of the world who enjoyed a variety of organized music and cultural events. Children ice-skated, adults enjoyed in mulled wine, gastronomes (and those who feel that way) tasted different local and world recipes, singers sang Christmas carols, filmophiles enjoyed Christmas classics. There was something interesting for everyone. The whole town was like a fairy tale and it had a Christmas atmosphere as we see it in holiday movies. Without much exaggeration, we can say  that Zagreb became the heart of Europe during the Advent.

Some of the most interesting locations that our team would single out were BAŠ NAŠ Advent in Klovićevi Dvori, Advent in the Grič Tunnel, Fuliranje in Strossmayer's Park and Advent in Ban Jelačić Square.

BAŠ NAŠ Advent in Klovićevi Dvori

The Advent location in Upper Town has attracted many visitors with a rich programme of 24 concerts with regional performers such as the band Letu Štuke, Zabranjeno pušenje, Cubismo, TBF and many others.


Advent in the Grič Tunnel

In the Grič tunnel,  real fairytale feeling was in the air. It was decorated with statues of the Nutcracker, Christmas trees and colorful decorations and lighting. The 350m walk through the tunnel seemed like you entered an old Christmas cartoon and it really looked magical.


Fuliranje at Strossmayer's Park

An Advent event that is known for its great vibe, good mood, great music and concerts, original drinks and a rich gastronomic offer. Visitors enjoyed more than 16 live performances, 32 DJs and a crazy New Year's Eve with a great band of young musicians from Zagreb- Svemirko.


Advent at Ban Jelačić Square

Hundreds of people have enjoyed daily Christmas fairytale delicacies, booths with handicrafts and concerts on Advent's main stage. This year, the stand of the coffee bar '' Mrvica '', a local brand with an address in Sarajevo, with special sweets and  Bosnian baklava, attracted special attention.


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