Krk Sails Event starts this week

13.08.2019 at 10:25

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Krk Sails Event has been organized in the town of Krk since 1998. It is a regatta of traditional vessels, one of the oldest of its kind on Adriatic coast whose aim is to preserve and present the rich maritime heritage of the island of Krk and wider. In 2015 the organizers decided to refresh this traditional event and introduced a new program - “Boats Night Dance” - the night promenade sailing of traditional boats in the port of Krk aimed to a better presentation of the traditional boats to numerous visitors. “Night Dance” of traditional boats is the promenade flagship sailing under the reflector lights with occasional musical program and recital about the sea performed by Antun and Petromil Stašić accompanied by Maestro Orchestra. The music program is performed on one of the boats which, accompanied by carefully selected pieces of classical music and occasional recital about the sea, contributes to the uniqueness of the atmosphere. The program is additionally ennobled by occasional fireworks. Sailing regatta almost traditionally takes place on the Feast of Assumption of Our Lady on August 15th, starting at noon, on the twelfth beat of bells from Krk bell-tower. After the sports part the visitors will be able to enjoy the entertainment program with live music, but also the educational program, photo exhibition and maritime skills and rowing workshops.

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