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16.08.2018 at 10:19

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Huffington post asked travel bloggers from Europe to share their favorite summer travel spots, and the places where their fellow Europeans tend to congregate during the season. Many locations, like the Amalfi Coast, are also popular with Americans ― while others, like the Bulgarian Black Sea, might be less familiar. 

Huffington post  divided their answers into 15 destinations, though there is a bit of overlap. Without further ado, here are some travel spots sure to give you some serious wanderlust.


“I think Croatia has become extremely popular over the last couple of years. I think a few factors caused the tourist boom. First, the popularity of ‘Game of Thrones’ ― fans want to see these gorgeous filming locations for themselves. Second, these days many Europeans are afraid of heading to Turkey, Egypt or Tunisia, previous hot spots for all-inclusive holiday packages. Croatia was an affordable alternative for beach holidays. Also, Croatia is a place that many Europeans can reach by car, so it’s very economical for families that can just hop in a car instead of paying for multiple plane tickets.” ― Anna Karsten, travel blogger at Anna Everywhere

Canary Islands

“Summer is all about great weather and interesting adventures. As I love being active while enjoying the sun, one of my favorite summer destinations is Fuerteventura, one of the Canary Islands of Spain. It offers a great combination of surfing opportunities and spectacular scenery. Fuerteventura is easily reachable from Spain and all over Europe. A boat ride to the nearby island Los Lobos is a perfect day trip, as are the other Canary Islands such as the more popular Gran Canaria and Tenerife.” ― Maria Stoyanova, travel blogger at Travelling Buzz

Bulgarian Black Sea

“The Bulgarian Black Sea Coast has always been a popular destination among Europeans for summer holidays. The picturesque Sozopol, the UNESCO World Heritage town of Nessebar, the long sandy beaches of Gradina and Smokinya make it a great place for vacation with kids or friends. All of this, added to the affordable prices, great food and quality, attracts people from all over Europe.”
― Stoyanova 

Greek Islands

“My favorite places to travel during the summer are the Greek Islands. Greece has more than 6,000 islands, of which about 230 are inhabited. There is an island for every taste. You can find pebbled beaches or sandy beaches, green islands or not, the most amazing colors in the water, nightlife, rich history, great food, hospitable people and fantastic weather. Alternatively, I would choose an island in Italy like Sardinia. The Mediterranean is the best place to spend your summer. I have noticed that a lot of Europeans tend to visit some specific places in the summer more than others. For example Santorini, Zante, Rhodes in Greece or Southern Spain, the Canary Islands, etc.” ― Chrissy Manika, tourism professional and travel blogger at Travel Passionate


“Indonesia is very popular. Loads of Europeans like to explore a completely different climate and culture. The flights are long so the best period to go is during summer holidays when most people can go on a long holiday of work.” ― Nick & Hannah, travel bloggers at Salt in Our Hair

“One of my favorite places I had the chance to go to recently was Sulawesi, an island of Indonesia. Sulawesi is still very authentic and cheap with few tourists. You can enjoy the stunning Toraja culture, discover some very rare animals species in their tropical forest (tarsier, birds, monkeys) or swim into one of the most preserved and colorful coral reefs in the world.” ― Alex Vizeo, travel blogger and YouTube personality

“Abroad, Southeast Asia is the biggest tourist attraction, since it’s cheap, it has many inexpensive flights compared to other regions in the world, and the culture is very different to ours! It’s easy to travel there and safe for every type of traveler. Of course, avid travelers take on more exotic destinations, but it’s not the norm.” ― Alvaro Rojas, travel blogger at Wander Reds



“During July, I do actually prefer to stay in Sweden. There are few things that beat a good Swedish summer. And the best place to go is the Swedish island called Gotland. My favorite place all year around is Italy ― the ultimate mix of great food, sun, culture, beautiful language and a perfect cappuccino in every corner.” ―Sofia Zetterqvist, writer and travel blogger at Fantasiresor



“I’m based in Barcelona and have seen tourist numbers skyrocket over the last few years. I think people come to Barcelona because it’s such a dynamic destination. From the labyrinthine alleyways of the Gothic Quarter to the iconic Picasso Museum, there’s a wealth of cultural and historical attractions to explore, not to mention Antoni Gaudi’s colourful architectural marvels and the city’s world-class gastronomy scene. But as well as offering the best of a city break-style holiday, Barcelona also boasts a 4-5 kilometer stretch of urban beaches, which are blessed with the region’s Mediterranean climate and a clutch of trendy nightlife options. Other popular destinations in Spain include places like Madrid, Valencia and Seville, although I’m excited to see more people heading north to the greener and less-touristy Spanish regions of Galicia, Asturias, Cantabria and the Basque Country, all of which offer unique cultural charms, world-glass gastronomy and some of the most outstanding natural beauty in Europe. Spain’s Balearic Islands (Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza) are also extremely popular for those in search of a more beachy type of holiday ― they’re well set up for families as well.” ― Ben Holbrook, photographer and travel writer at Driftwood Journals

“Spain is quite popular. I am in love with Barcelona, like many others. Some people don’t mind the crowds so they go in peak season. I think the most important thing is affordability, great food and nice beaches and shopping. I mean, who doesn’t want a good sangria with some ham croquettes on a sandy beach in Barcelona? One other thing is affordable flights. For example, coming to Croatia is a very expensive sport, but Spain has so many low cost airlines flying in and out all year around. People want to relax on their holidays, not be stressed thinking about their wallets, so I think that is why Spain is so popular.” ― Ella Dvornik, lifestyle and travel blogger at I Am Ella

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