How to start hiking?

23.03.2020 at 13:22

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Given that Bosnia and Herzegovina abounds in natural beauty and beautiful mountains, it is certainly not a problem to find the right route for yourself. Whatever you do, you should always start with the simplest and gradually upgrade to be ready for the more complicated things. That also applies to hiking. Start with easier routes or you can even start a more intense walk around the city - hike to work, increase your daily mileage, that is, improve your fitness and endurance.

When you think your body is ready, take one of the more difficult routes, but start with the right equipment.

What do you need for a hiking adventure?

The first thing to emphasize sre the  hiking boots, they need to be comfortable and have a good sole that will not slip. In addition to boots, it's also a good idea to have a hiking backpack that can fit all the things you feel you need,  especially if you are going on multi-day trip. Although the equipment is very important, you must make sure that you only carry what you need and that you do not overload your backpack and do not strain your back.

Recommendations for things you might need with mandatory food and water:

-little knife

-first aid


-thermo bottle

-spare clothing (socks, T-shirts)


So, hiking is not that difficult, especially if you live in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is not an expensive sport if you do not overdo it with professional equipment, but for which there are cheaper alternatives that can allow you to actually overdo it. Everything is in close proximity and overnights at the mountain lodges are very affordable.

Start slowly and gradually and enjoy the beautiful scenery of nature.


Do not go without on difficult and extreme routes without equipment and without a professional and experienced mountaineer until you have the proper knowledge and experience.

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