Entertainment for kids in Sarajevo!

03.10.2023 at 11:04

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  1. Pionirska dolina ZOO

The popular "Pionirska dolina" is located in the northeastern part of Sarajevo. Only 2 kilometers away from the city's center, open 365 days a year, and the working hours are adapted to seasons. Visitors are offered beautiful landscaping, clean environment, nature walks, entertainment and recreation in modern games for children and adults, play and fun at the children's playground with slides, swings, exploring and visiting the dwellings where they can see a variety of animals such as zebras, Scottish cattle, deer, brown bears,lamas, kangaroos, porcupines, peacocks, raccoons, various types of poultry. In a very attractive object there are also monkeys in one and exotic species of reptiles (boa, caiman, turtle, iguana) in the second part.


  1. Sunnyland Trebević

First amusement park in Sarajevo with alpine roller coaster. It is located on Trebevic, 10 minutes drive from the city center. In addition to the roller coaster, there is also a rich gastronomic offer adapted to the youngest, playgrounds, rock climbing and many other entertainment facilities. Working hours are from 9 am to 11 pm, every day.


  1. Park Safet Zajko

The center is located in the center of the municipality of Novi Grad Sarajevo, five minutes away from tram and bus traffic. It can be reached on foot, by bicycle and by car. However, the Center area itself is closed for vehicles, fenced, guarded and closed at night, in order to protect it against damage. Working hours are from 08:00 to 23:00, every day.

In Center there is a fountain, a shaded summer stage dedicated to cultural and entertainment events, around which  summer garden will be placed, and there is an open-air fitness area nearby. It is filled with greenery, promenades and seating benches. Park contains a running track, football field with artificial grass, the ground for the long jump, basketball court, locker rooms, children's playgrounds and a volleyball court in the sand, and the center for martial arts.


  1. Karting center Sarajevo

Located in the Zetra complex, this spring is the main gathering of people looking for adrenaline and great fun. The center is 310m big, great location and friendly staff- guaranteed good fun.


  1. Thermal Riviera Ilidža


Visit to the Thermal Riviera of Ilidža will be very interesting for all ages. On the warm springs of Ilidza, the largest thermal complex in this part of Europe has been developed. On an area of ​​15 hectares, Thermal Riviera Ilidža offers its visitors a pleasant relaxation and active recreation on indoor and outdoor pools with a number of attractive water and animation programs. Thermal Riviera Ilidža and its indoor pools operate 365 days a year, while Outdoor pools work during the summer season. The outdoor pool temperature is around 29 ° C. Working hours are every day from 9 to 22 hours.

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