Smajić: 'Golden' cheese from Tešanj needs 15 months to ripen, but our customers know it's worth to wait!

13.05.2019 at 14:52

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- We found a suitable method, did the assesment of market needs and recognized the right opportunities.With the support of USAID/Sweden FARMA we assured the purchase of moulders, exchanged knowledges and attended a school for cheese makers. These classes helped us to learn the right recipe and production of different kinds of cheese which is accepted by the EU standards. We work with 240 subcontractors and we started with only 10 animals. Today, we sell up to two million liters-Smajić says. 

He added that they produce full-fat hard cheese, ground cheese, gouda, full-fat cow cheese, and are also developing spicy cheeses,with a special and unique recipe.

- Cheese from Tešanj with nettle is widely known in our region. Our 'Gold' cheese which ripens after 15 months is a high-class product and is very popular and wanted in restaraunts and catering-proudly claims Smajić

USAID/Sweden FARMA II project stands out the fact that Bosnia and Herzegovina is facing big challenges when it comes to selling and producing cheese. Cheese makes over half of dairy products imported in country, and B&H manufacturers suceed to export 7 million km of cheese value, which is the 11. part of the import value. When it comes to import, edamer, gouda, tilsit and fresh cheese dominate. At the same time, most of the export in dairy industry are products with low value such as milk and sour cream.

- People are recognizing the quality of our cheese, and it is extremely important to assure the awareness of our local consumers about our products and to start exporting more of bh. cheese on EU market. That is the challenge that awaits us and we are here to make a difference!-claims Smajić

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