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25.06.2018 at 09:56

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About National Park Sutjeska (NPS) was established on January 13, 1962 and it is the oldest and largest national park in BiH, which is by it’s natural values ​​and beauties the pearl of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It covers the area of ​​Sutjeska with strict natural reserve Perućica, parts of the mountains Maglić (2386 m – the highest peak in BiH), Volujak, Vučevo and Zelengora. Thanks to the outstanding natural values ​​and their preservation, since 2000, NP Sutjeska has been included in II category of IUCN (UN Department of Nature and Natural Resources).

NP Sutjeska is the most diverse complex of ecosystems on the territory of BiH and one of the most diverse in the area of ​​Southeast Europe. The entire area of ​​the park is distinguished by the exceptional beauty and diversity of landscape shapes – from pitiful valleys, dense forest complexes, mountain pastures to high mountain massifs. On Zelengora there are eight glacial lakes – “mountain eyes”, and what also characterizes this area are the deep canyons of Sutjeska, Hrčavka and Jabučnica, clear mountain rivers rich in river trout. It is a very valuable and rich pool of wildlife and rare plant species, many of which are endemic. In the very heart of the Park there is also a strict natural reserve Perućica (1434 ha), the most well-known and the biggest rainforest in Europe, in which since any establishment of a national park is strictly forbidden any kind of human intervention.

In the territory of the national park Sutjeska there are numerous monuments of older and recent history.

Capacity, Challenges, Arrangement and Improvement

The National Park Sutjeska starts the season every year with a great effort with new and attractive contents that was not offered in the previous period. The park has many types of accommodations, from hotel units, newly built villas, bungalows to mountain houses and cottages. This year, two new villas have been opened with apartments, which have 30 beds. The villas Silver One and Silver two are located at the foot of the Battle of Sutjeska Monument and are equipped with modern bathrooms with jacuzzis and saunas. The villas were built next to the national cuisine "Komlen", opened last year. You can visit these objects throughout the year. By building infrastructure National Park "Sutjeska" gradually returns the old splendor of institutions and places that will be the center of youth and nature lovers again. Renovation and maintenance of the existing and creation of new recreational infrastructure is one of the goals in the management of the National Park Sutjeska.

2014-2029. management plan suggests the development of sustainable tourism by concession of existing resources of the park. Wider access to the development of the National Park Sutjeska in the context of sustainable tourism would be to move and transfer the management of the hotel infrastructure on external concession. That does not mean the end of the involvement of the Park in tourism.


Most attractive hiking trails

For nature, hiking and mountaineering lovers, there are hiking trails, and depending on the level of their activity the guests can choose the track by difficulty and length of climbing. Some of the most attractive trails are:

               I Tjentište (559 m.n.v.) – Borovno – Dragoš Sedlo – Lokva Dernečište – Maglić (2386 m.n.v.) Lenght: 22km, Category: heavy trail

              II Prijevor – Maglić, Lenght:  2km, 3 hours of hiking without breaks. Category:  alpine and very difficult

              III Prijevor – Trnovačko lake, Lenght:  4km, 1,5 h without breaks on average walking speed, Category: easy

              IV Prijevor – Suha, Lenght: 6km, 2h of walking on average, Category: easy

              V Dragoš Sedlo- Suha , through the rainforest Perućica, Lenght: 11km, on average 3h without breaks, Category: easy, used solely for scientific-educational tourism       

                VI Suha – Volujak, Lenght: 11km, 4h without breaks, Category: heavy

                VII Suha – Trnovačko lake, Lenght: 14 km, 4h on average, Category: easy

                VIII Kovačev panj- Donje Bare- Gornje bare- Uglješin vrh- Bregoč- Orlovačko lake Lenght: 21 km, 6h on average, Category: easy.


At the Park there is a bike trail, ideal for mountain biking lovers:

                  Tjentište – Milinklade - Hrčavka - Donje Bare – Hrčavka - Dobri Do-Ljubin grob - Crno lake-Stari katun Videž- Zavidež- Džafer potok- Orlovačko jezero. Lenght: 48km. Possible to rent a bike on Tjentište.



-It is important to say, from previous experience, that reporting and checking in to the Park Administration (reception, info center) is mandatory, as well as the engagement of the guide. Staying in the protected area in the presence of guides is important, more efficient and certainly more secure. Number of visitors to the strictly protected reserve of the Perucica rainforest is limited and the permission of the Park Administration is required.



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