Mountain Club Nomadi Sarajevo: BH mountains offer the most beautiful nature there is

29.06.2018 at 11:23

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Mountain Club Nomadi Sarajevo was founded in December 2016. In this short period they managed to gather a large number of mountaineers and nature lovers. It currently has about 80 members. They organize mainly high-rise tours that go over 2,000 meters above sea level. They organizecourses from various fields of mountaineering, workshops for skiing, course for the winter high jump movement, climbing course in their own sports hall, intended for children with whom they intend to do a lot of work, first aid schools, given that among the members of the club they also have certified doctors working for the Red Cross. As far as the age structure of the club is concerned, it is by far the middle-aged people, people in the 30s and 40s. Ladies and men are equally represented.

This time, our guide through mountain tops of BiH, is Anis Čeljo, president of MC Nomadi.


Bosnia and Herzegovina is endowed with numerous natural resources, and the mountains represent pearls of natural heritage. In BiH, all the mountains are beautiful and accessible to anyone interested in their tour.


In its work, the club was primarily based on the performance of high mountain hiking tours over 2000m n / a. In the Club last and this year, there was an annual action called 10 Peaks - 10 Challenges, within  the highest peaks in Bosnia and Herzegovina are being visited. In addition to these tours, the Club organizes departures on the paths via ferrate and other demanding, and exceptionally interesting mountain tours.


In Herzegovina, the trails at Čvrsnica and Prenj are extremely attractive for all nature lovers, as special  it’s important to mention trails from Grabovica, through Tisza to Hajdučka vrata, and on the Trail of White from Konjic, through Skok and Jezerca to the top of the mountain of Green Glave .

In Bosnia, one of the most beautiful mountains is Treskavica, with numerous peaks, lakes and 365 springs of water, as they say.

As pearls of nature there are still the canyon of Rakitnica, the ridge Visočica, Studeni potok, Lokvanjsko jezero and Lukomir on Bjelašnica etc.

Of course we have mountains, Maglić, Volujak, Zelengor with lakes, Vranica, etc. Most of the trails in these mountains are marked not problematic. What is a trend in the world are paths via ferrate and in BiH we have several such trails that we also recommend to go. These are the ferries on the Great Hook, the Ponds, then the canyon of Salo in Posušje, the ferrets on Trebević and Blagoje, etc. Of course, it is important to have  some experience and technical equipment to tour these trails.



With the necessary experience there are no overly heavy, demanding or dangerous paths.


Nomadi advices everyone to visit the  mountains, which really offer the most beautiful nature that was made on this planet .

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